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The Amalgamated Family of Companies has over 75 years of history committed to diversity and inclusion. Our multi-cultural, multi-generational workforce exemplifies a workplace that embraces differences for the added value and broader contributions that can be generated. This is only one aspect of our corporate governance which respects and adheres to rules and regulations. Through our corporate counsel and compliance officer, we are both mindful and respectful of the due diligence expected of us. Our executive leadership and Board are focused on building inclusive ESG governance policies and protocols across all key areas and championing environmental, social, diversity and inclusion principles. We are committed to developing a sustainable, ESG corporate culture that reflects our commitment to building a better future.

To ensure adherence and compliance to our broad corporate code of ethics, which places a high value on conducting business with honesty, integrity and the highest level of ethical conduct, we survey our employees regularly.

Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

  • Amalgamated Family of Companies employs a diverse workforce.
  • In our 2021 EEO-1 report, our company consists of:





  • We also employ disabled individuals and provide all essential support to them.
  • Amalgamated Family of Companies’ workforce is multi-generational with a composition of:

Baby Boomers

Generation X


Generation Z

Our Commitment to Employee Safety and Wellness

The Amalgamated Family of Companies is committed to the safety and well-being of our employees. Towards that goal:

  • We encourage employees’ use of the on-site fitness center and provide a selection of healthy food options in our building cafĂ©.
  • During the pandemic period, we upgraded safety protocols to include a daily health declaration, daily temperature checks, increased social distancing and mandated mask wearing in common areas (when away from one’s desk/office).