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We, at the Amalgamated Family of Companies have been implementing critical measures to reduce our carbon footprint and support optimal sustainability objectives as we strive to be admirable environmental citizens. Among the steps we have taken are:

  • Replaced traditional fluorescent lighting with energy-saving LED lightbulbs
  • Use occupancy motion sensors that turn off lights when a room becomes unoccupied
  • Upgraded appliances with Energy Star appliances
  • Maintain a corporate policy of paper reduction and recycling wherever possible including emailing of invoices and statements
  • Reuse packaging materials, group together shipments and boxes
  • Reduce unessential corporate travel
  • Encourage employees’ participation in ride-sharing commuting and selected our White Plains, NY headquarters location to be in close proximity to major transit hubs and public transportation
  • Encourage the use of environmentally-friendly water bottles and lunch containers
  • Rely on event technology and electronic communications instead of printed materials at industry conferences, use QR codes on all collateral; which directs users to our websites, reducing the use of paper and associated shipping costs
  • Added more plants and greenery to our office space to improve air quality
  • Our printing company, AliGraphics, uses FSC-certified, up to 100% recycled content paper, eco-friendly inks, and chemical free plates, as well as performs 100% recycling of printing plates