A.M. Best Rating

Amalgamated Life Insurance Company is proud to have consistently earned an “A” rating (Excellent) from A.M. Best Company since 1975.

The rating represents a current and independent opinion from A.M. Best Company, the leading provider of insurance company ratings, regarding our financial strength and ability to meet our obligations to our policy holders.

“As one of the oldest and most experienced rating agencies in the world, A.M. Best Company has been reporting on the financial condition of insurance companies since 1899. A Best’s rating is assigned after an extensive quantitative and qualitative evaluation of a company’s finances, operating performance and market profile. Keep in mind that a Best’s rating is not a warranty of an insurer’s current or future ability to meet obligations to policyholders, nor is it a recommendation of a specific policy form, contract, rate or claim practice.”

“Best’s Ratings are under continuous review and subject to change and/or affirmation. To confirm the current rating, please visit the A.M. Best website, www.ambest.com

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