Other Vital Services

Included in our comprehensive offerings are other vital services, which include:

Disease Management

  • A multidisciplinary approach designed to improve patient health, while containing health care costs
  • Focused on helping individuals with chronic conditions such as coronary artery disease (CAD), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), diabetes, heart failure, hypertension and other chronic conditions
  • Leveraging population health management processes and data to advance a patient’s better health and measure outcomes
  • Applying evidence-based practice guidelines
  • Providing patient education
  • Multi-pronged approach through detailed assessments identifying gaps in care across chronic disease conditions

Disability Management

  • Clinically appropriate disability management to promote a patient’s safe, appropriate return to work
  • Direct communications with the patient/employee, physician, worksite contact and claims payer to facilitate the correct length of disability certification and claims payment
  • Liaison with the treating physician to identify options relating to partial return to work and/or assignment modifications

Hospital Readmission Management

  • Designed to reduce preventable readmissions by effectively addressing the post discharge needs of patients at high risk of readmission including patients discharged post surgically, with congestive heart failure, with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and other complex medical conditions
  • Supported by Patient Transition Coaching wherein a Register Nurse Health Coach contacts the recently discharged patient, assesses the patient’s health status, coordinates a transition of care provider visit, ensures medication reconciliation, identifies potential problem areas, educates the patient and family regarding the patient’s condition, adherence to the prescribed treatment plan, problems they may encounter and when to contact their physician
  • Developed as a wrap-around service to support high quality, low cost planned or unplanned admissions this program focuses on preadmission counseling, discharge planning and post-discharge outreach to ensure the best clinical outcomes, the most appropriate level of care and complete acute care support
  • Available as a standalone program or in conjunction with a Utilization Management or Case Management program

Maternity Management

  • Comprehensive prenatal health and risk management services
  • Thorough health risk assessments conducted at every trimester to identify potential problems
  • Vital patient education
  • Maternity Management Nurse coordination with attending providers and patient
  • Full access to nurse support and Health Information Library 24/7 first three months post delivery
  • Efficient case closure inclusive of post-partum education and depression screening

Medical Claims Review

  • Conducted by experienced Registered Nurses, hospital bill auditors and fee negotiators to facilitate clinically-appropriate and cost-effective claim payments
  • Promoting cost containment with measurable results and prompt turn-around
  • Provided for group and individual health

Network Referrals

  • Ability to refer patients to a primary care provider (PCP) based on several data elements, including but not limited to: gender of provider, where educated, language spoken and office location.
  • Ability to schedule classes or refer to community programs
  • Reduce emergency room visits by assisting patients to access a PCP
  • Access to vital community resources across the continuum of health care including inpatient, acute, residential, rehabilitation, infusion, physical/occupational/behavioral therapies, nutritional, physical fitness, diagnostics/testing, medical aids and durable goods, pharmaceuticals and social services.

Telehealth – Nurse2DOConnect

  • Innovative, next generation platform facilitates a high level of care and convenience, while reducing unnecessary Emergency Department and Urgent Care visits.
  • Direct access to experienced RNs with an average of 20 years clinical experience across multiple disciplines.
  • The nurse assists the patient directly or transitions the call through the Nurse2DOConnect platform to the next level of medical support – either to a physician for a telemedicine call, health advocate or behavioral health professional.
  • For more information please visit: www.nurse2doconnect.com

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