Nurse Helpline and Health Information

Amalgamated Medical Care Management provides responsive Nurse Helpline and Health Information resources led by a team of Registered Nurses with extensive experience across diverse medical disciplines including emergency medicine, critical care, intensive care, step-down functions, psychiatric nurses, maternity nurses and pediatric nurses. They serve as Nurse Counselors assisting patients who call in to self-report acute episodes requiring information and/or care intervention. To address the patient’s need promptly, these knowledgeable and skilled nursing professionals rely on nationally-recognized algorithms and advanced clinical criteria to efficiently direct the patient to the right healthcare provider for the appropriate level of care at that time. Through its Nurse Helpline and Health Information services, Amalgamated helps reduce unnecessary emergency department and physician visits and hospital readmissions to ensure patients are directed to the appropriate facility

To access its Nurse Helpline and Health Information resources, Amalgamated Medical Care Management has a dedicated toll-free telephone number assigned for each client or group and accessible on a 24/7/365 basis.

Other valuable aspects of Amalgamated’s Nurse Helpline and Health Information services are:

  • Health information and education provided to both patients and family members;
  • Telephone triage and healthcare counseling for assessing health status and providing immediate health information and direction to the appropriate healthcare provider;
  • Physician back-up available when needed;
  • Health Information;
  • Accredited pursuant to URAC standards;
  • Accredited pursuant to the standards of Clear Health Quality Institute.