An Advanced Population Health Management Platform and Robust Nurse Helpline Call Center Solution Promote Accurate and Responsive Medical Care Management

To facilitate data accuracy and reliable information exchanges, Amalgamated Medical Care Management applies leading-edge Information Technologies and communication systems. Among the advanced technologies it deploys are:

  • JIVA by ZeOmega – JIVA is a leading population health management platform that helps maintain care quality, contain costs, improve patient satisfaction and outcomes. The platform is National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) certified for Healthcare Effective Data and Information Set (HEDIS), one of most widely-used performance improvement tools in healthcare. The JIVA platform is being applied by Amalgamated Medical Care Management across, Utilization Management, Case Management and Physician Review. It houses all case data and related information in one system to facilitate efficient electronic interface and data exchange.
  • N-Centaurus by LVM Systems – N-Centaurus is a robust, comprehensive call center software solution designed to streamline nurse triage/helpline services by making clinically-proven protocols and information readily available to support best in class patient support and information exchanges.
  • Oracle Financial Management System by Oracle Corporation – The system features modules for financial transactions, accounts payable/receivable, general ledger and overall asset management, enabling efficient and accurate financial management.
  • Avaya Phone System – The Avaya Phone System offers automatic call distribution functionality which advances calls to the next nurse for prompt handling.  Its display enables number of calls, wait times and intake status to be monitored so that incoming patient calls are managed to the highest efficiency.