Accident Insurance

Offering Vital Protection When Accidents Happen

Unfortunately, accidents are a fact of life. They come in many forms, ranging from falls, burns or unintentional poisoning to motor vehicle or gun-related accidents. They cause a wide range of injuries which, in turn, can create a tremendous financial burden for men and women who are unprepared. Amalgamated Life offers a robust Accident Insurance policy designed to provide vital protection when an accident-related injury occurs.

Benefit Amounts Chart
Benefit Amounts Chart 2

YOU Decide How to Use the Cash Benefits

Our cash benefits provide you with greater coverage options because you get to decide how to use them.

Can help protect your HSAs, savings, retirement plans and 401ks from being depleted

You can use your cash benefits to help pay for expenses while
receiving treatment in another city

You can use your cash benefits to help pay the mortgage, rental
payments, or perform needed home repairs for your after care

The cash benefit can be used to help pay your family’s living
expenses such as bills, electricity and gas

Accident Plan Features

  • Guaranteed Issue—No medical questions asked
  • Guaranteed Renewable—Coverage remains in force for life as long as premiums are paid
  • Coverage for Family—Insured, spouse and dependent children
  • Portability—Insured can keep benefits even with a change of jobs or retirement
  • Level Premium—Rates do not increase with age

Here’s How it Works

Imagine while cleaning the gutters, you fall from the ladder and break your leg.

These are out-of-pocket expenses you may encounter:
$100 Emergency room copay
$250 Deductible (copays do not count toward deductible)
$35 Specialist visit copay—orthopedic surgeon
$350 Specialist visit copay—occupational/physical therapy for 10 days
$735 Out-of-pocket expenses
And here is a sample of benefits you may be eligible for with Amalgamated Life’s Accident Insurance:
$150 Accident Emergency Treatment
$50 X-Ray (for diagnosis of broken leg)
$150 MRI
$675 Fracture (broken leg)
$100 Appliance (crutches)
$25 Accident Follow-up Doctor ($25 per visit, up to 1 per accident)
$150 Physical Therapy ($25/day for 6 days)
$1,150 of benefits paid to you in additional to other coverage you may have with other insurance companies

Accident Claims Checklist

Have this information handy to identify your policy:
  • Policy number
  • Policyholder’s name 
  • Policyholder’s date of birth   
  • Policyholder’s address
Here’s a list of common items you will need to file a claim:
  • Patient’s name and date of birth
  • Patient’s relationship to policyholder
  • Date and description of injury
  • Location of accident
  • Copy of police report (motor vehicle accidents)
  • Authorization to obtain information: To allow Amalgamated Life to contact your provider on your behalf, please include the provider’s name, address and fax number (if available)
  • For hospital confinement: Ask your hospital to provide a completed UB04 document or ask your physician to provide a completed HCFA 1500 document
  • For surgery: Include the operative report, and both the surgeon’s and anesthesia’s bills
  • Include all ambulance, mobility aids, lodging and transportation invoices

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