Pension and Annuity Administration

Comprehensive Pension & Annuity Plans Administration

Amalgamated Employee Benefits Administrators offers a robust, end-to-end Pension & Annuity Administration service. It encompasses all aspects of well-managed and administrated pension and annuity plans, including:

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  • Maintaining records of participant benefits, eligibility and payment history
  • Maintaining full financial records
  • Processing pension applications in compliance with fund benefit rules
  • Processing annuity plan distributions and loan applications
  • Assisting in the preparation of government filings
  • Preparing and issuing 1099s
  • Administering fiduciary liability and fidelity bond insurance
  • Attending and reporting at trustee meetings
  • Assisting with annual audits
  • Managing all billing, collection and reconciliation of monthly employer contributions or withdrawal liability payments; data maintenance; delinquency and standard reporting
  • Handling member inquiries (i.e., eligibility, application status, contributions, pension payments, and annual pension and annuity statements)
  • General administration, coordination and communications with other plan professionals (i.e., accountant, auditor, attorney, actuary, benefit consultant) and the preparation of annual valuation reports, funding notices, SSA files for 5500s
  • Managing appeals (i.e., documentation, presentation, recommendations, receipt of final determination, communication of resolution)
  • Maintaining records (i.e., plan documents and amendments, SPDs/SMMs/benefit overviews, trustee meeting minutes, trust agreements, rate/fee adjustments)