John A. Thornton

John A. Thornton serves as Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at the Amalgamated Family of Companies. In this role, he has broad responsibility for the sales and marketing functions of Amalgamated Life Insurance and the other companies within the family. Additionally, as a member of the organization’s Executive Committee, he is actively involved in the operations, oversight and direction of the organization.

John joined Amalgamated Life in 2008 in his current role. He came to the Company with over 20 years of experience in insurance sales and marketing. His career includes 16 years serving at CIGNA, where he transitioned from group insurance to health insurance as CIGNA’s Vice President of Sales. He also served as National Sales Manager with Metropolitan Life, a role in which he oversaw the development, introduction and management of an investment-sensitive life insurance product.

Since joining Amalgamated, John has led the organization through significant growth and development phases. He was a driving force in the expansion of the Company’s voluntary worksite product line, its geographic expansion, growth of the Company’s sales force, and a major branding campaign. As a result of these factors and his effective sales management, the company has enjoyed significant increases in its product sales.

In addition to his sales and marketing role, as a member of the Executive Committee, John’s input has contributed to important operational efficiencies, board developments, compliance matters and overall gains in performance and brand reputation.

John holds a Bachelor of Science degree in industrial relations from Le Moyne College in Syracuse. He is actively involved in the industry and serves as an industry thought leader authoring articles for leading trade publications and frequently serving as an expert source for trade, business and news media.