Amalgamated Life Insurance Company Announces a Rebrand to Better Reflect a Family of Companies

White Plains, NY…

Amalgamated Life Insurance Company (, a leading provider of comprehensive insurance solutions, announced that it and its affiliated companies, have completed a rebranding initiative designed to better reflect the “Amalgamated Family of Companies” and leverage the brand equity in the flagship company’s name, “Amalgamated.”

Under the umbrella of the Amalgamated Family of Companies, which will use the tagline, From Insurance & Benefit Administration to Care Management, the rebrand resulted in name changes and new taglines assigned to certain family member companies. They are as follows: the third party administrator’s name is changing from AliCare to Amalgamated Employee Benefits Administrators using the tagline, Delivering High Quality, Customized TPA Services and the medical care management firm, AliCare Medical Management, will be known as Amalgamated Medical Care Management, Quality Clinical Advice & Care. The organization’s printing firm will continue operating as AliGraphics, One Resource for All Your Printing & Promotional Needs and its property and casualty broker will remain Amalgamated Agency. As for Amalgamated Life Insurance Company, its tagline will continue to be Group Stop Loss Voluntary.

President and CEO Paul Mallen stated, “Our organization has grown considerably from the single entity, Amalgamated Life Insurance Company founded in 1943, to what is now a family of companies offering complementary products and services designed to advance our mission of helping working people and their families achieve financial security by offering high quality insurance products, as well as providing third party administrative services and medical care management services to benefit both working people and plan sponsors. While we were using the Amalgamated Family of Companies as an umbrella branding tool, our companies’ names did not readily reflect this. The new names and taglines denote our aligned business units and convey the unique value proposition we, as a family of companies, offer to the market.”

Led by John Thornton Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing and Executive Director Erin Linney, the rebranding project began over the past several months and has involved the revision of company websites, creation of new marketing materials, signage, print advertisements, and other collateral materials, as well as company name changes in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, where the company is licensed to market its products and services.

About Amalgamated Life Insurance Company

Founded in 1943, Amalgamated Life Insurance Company has since grown into a leading provider of comprehensive insurance solutions operating in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The Company provides competitive group products including Group Term Life, Medical Stop Loss, Group Disability and Specialty Drug Cost Management, as well as voluntary products such as Accident, Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Critical Illness, Dental, Disability, Hearing, ID Theft, Legal, Portable Term Life and Whole Life, among others. Since 1975, Amalgamated Life Insurance Company has consistently earned the “A” (Excellent) Rating from A.M. Best Company attesting to its strong fiscal position. The Amalgamated Family of Companies is comprised of: Amalgamated Life Insurance Company, Amalgamated Employee Benefits Administrators, Amalgamated Medical Care Management, Amalgamated Agency, and AliGraphics. For more information, visit:

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In the past few weeks there have been numerous restrictions placed on businesses throughout the United States. Many states and localities across the country have enacted temporary restrictions on non-essential business operations, requiring millions of workers to stay home. Amalgamated Life Insurance Company, which is based in New York, is considered an essential business and therefore is not subject to these temporary restrictions.

However, in an effort to protect the health and safety of our employees, their families and communities, we have taken a series of company-wide actions, across all Amalgamated Family of Companies locations, to implement work from home and other flexible arrangements where feasible. Despite these changes, we will continue to provide you and your members with the customer service levels you have come to expect from us prior to the coronavirus outbreak.

We are diligently working with our partners and vendors to utilize our remote capabilities and infrastructure. We are also in constant communication with UPS and the USPS to stay informed of any potential changes in service. For the duration of this state of emergency, Amalgamated Life Insurance Company will comply with any required Notice Obligations by emailing and/or mailing notices to all consumers.

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to your Amalgamated Family of Companies representative or our customer service center at: 914-367-5000. They are well-prepared to answer your questions and can address your specific needs.