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We are dedicated to helping working people and their families achieve financial security by providing affordable life, health and pension products and services while maintaining an unwavering commitment to excellence.

There are many things that matter to you. We, the Amalgamated Family of Companies, are those things.

We are: Security, Assurance, Solutions, Care, Reliability and Value-Driven.

We are a national provider of insurance solutions including group, voluntary and medical stop loss.

We are a third-party administrator.

We are a care management solution provider.

We are an insurance brokerage and risk management firm.

We are a printing and graphics solution provider.

We are ready to lend our legacy rich in a tradition of helping serve the needs of plan sponsors and their members across labor unions, business, trade and professional associations.

The Next Generation in Wraparound Telehealth Medical Care

Amalgamated Medical Care Management, Inc. is committed to providing the best quality clinical care and healthcare information, whenever you need it, wherever you need it. Now we have taken this commitment to a completely new level, by enhancing our 24-hour Nurse Helpline with a new resource, Nurse2DOConnect. When you call into Nurse2DOConnect, our experienced Registered Nurses will assess your condition using best-in-class triage protocols. If, in their professional judgment based on medical guidelines, your care needs to be escalated, the Registered Nurse will provide a warm handoff to connect you to a physician for a telemedicine call or video visit with a health advocate or behavioral health professional. Nurse2DOConnect will make it easy to message a specialist and/or get a second opinion by facilitating a high level of care and convenience, while reducing unnecessary Emergency Department, Urgent Care and Physician visits. In addition to this 24/7 access to the resources you need, this robust platform will help reduce individuals’ co-pays and their employers medical claims cost. The Nurse2DOConnect platform features a user-friendly dashboard that can be accessed from any device — a PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone. Learn more here.