We are the Amalgamated Family of Companies

We are dedicated to helping working people and their families achieve financial security by providing affordable life, health and pension products and services while maintaining an unwavering commitment to excellence.

There are many things that matter to you. We, the Amalgamated Family of Companies, are those things.

We are: Security, Assurance, Solutions, Care, Reliability and Value-Driven.

We are a national provider of insurance solutions including group, voluntary and medical stop loss.

We are a third-party administrator.

We are a care management solution provider.

We are an insurance brokerage and risk management firm.

We are a printing and graphics solution provider.

We are ready to lend our legacy rich in a tradition of helping serve the needs of plan sponsors and their members across labor unions, business, trade and professional associations.

The continued growth and development of the Amalgamated Family of Companies has prompted our organization’s rebranding initiative. The goal of the rebranding is to better reflect our “Family of Companies,” while leveraging the strong brand equity in the name of our flagship company, Amalgamated Life Insurance Company.

Under the new umbrella branding, incorporating the name "Amalgamated", we have given new names and taglines to family member companies as follows:

  • The Amalgamated Family of Companies will now use the tagline, From Insurance & Benefit Administration to Care Management.
  • AliCare, our third party administrator, is being renamed Amalgamated Employee Benefits Administrators using the tagline, Delivering High Quality, Customized TPA Services.
  • AliCare Medical Management, our medical care management firm, is being renamed Amalgamated Medical Care Management using the tagline, Quality Clinical Advice & Care.
  • Amalgamated Life Insurance Company will retain its name and continue using the tagline, Group Stop Loss Voluntary.
  • Amalgamated Agency, a property and casualty broker, will retain its name and tagline, Property & Casualty.
  • AliGraphics, the print and graphics firm, will retain its name using the tagline, One Resource for All Your Printing & Promotional Needs.

While the Amalgamated Family of Companies’ names and/or taglines have changed, we remain steadfast in our commitment to help working people and their families achieve financial security. We look forward to continuing a legacy dating back to 1943, by reflecting the highest standards of customer service and market responsive products and services.